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Pride and PEW-PEW-PEW!

It’s Pride month, and I am a queer author (abrosexual, or as I like to say, a graceful watermelon). I’m also autistic and disabled, as many of you already know. You probably also already know that the first book of my new disability hopepunk series, Season One: Iris and the…

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Iris and the Crew is available for pre-order at some locations!

Bodymind celebration? An accessible ship? And PEW-PEW-PEW? You betcha! (There might also be scenes of dessert-eating! After all, this is a Cait Gordon space opera…) But much excite! The paperback of Season One: Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space! is now available to pre-order at certain locations: If you’re…

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Mini-essay Monday: Our CripLit Village

Note: Crip is a reclaimed term that many disabled folks use as a word of empowerment. CripLit is a term for disability literature. January 19, 2023 Our “village” is a place we all seek. It’s that band of friends and strangers who become friends… a group who share our lived…

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Nothing Without Us Too is a Prix Aurora Award Nominee!

I’m telling you, it was so hard to keep this information to myself. Both Talia and I felt our brains were going to explode. We were completely stunned to discover that the second anthology we co-edited, Nothing Without Us Too, received a nomination for the 2023 Prix Aurora Award in…

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Mini-NonFic Monday: Processing Noise, Seeking Stillness

Genre: Nonfiction In the stillness there is contentment. Less processing of sound and more flow of thought. I’m more at peace here, devoid of noise. Although I have no idea what totally quiet means. Even when voices aren’t present, there’s the hum of the fridge, the lamp timer softly ticks,…

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Fun fact: You can buy the cute cat sticker with “Ableism Sucks” on it from BIBI PINS, a disabled, Black, and queer-owned business!