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Happy Pride Month from this Watermelon!

Thanks to the folks who have explored their sexual identity beyond the more commonly known ones, I was able to find one then suited me more than cryptosexual! I still like to call myself Swirly (because I’m not straight) and often say my sexual identity is a paragraph and not…

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Reclaiming Lazy

Originally posted on Spoonie Authors Network:
Among those of us who are neurodivergent (ND) and/or who manage mental illness, the word lazy has been stamped on our foreheads, like a much unwanted label, by people who just don’t understand our experience. Many of my friends who have ADHD, for example,…

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time lapse photo of stars on night

Book acceptance! A new crew is coming in 2023!

I did a teaser trailer about a cool thing that I announced yesterday! THOSE WITH LIGHT SENSITIVITY: I didn’t have a problem with the flickering border under the text or brief flash of light near the end (I have light sensitivity myself and didn’t find it that intense), but here’s…

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