Stories that celebrate the reality of diversity

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I will be reading from The Stealth Lovers and will be in a LIVE Q&A session about Nothing Without Us for AELAQ’S Read Québec Holiday Book Fest!

My publisher, Renaissance, has been invited to take part in AELAQ’s Read Québec Holiday Book Fest on November 28 and 29, 2020! Readings If you want to catch readings of awesome authors reading their Renaissance books, including lil’ ol me reading from The Stealth Lovers? You can by heading over to Renaissance’s YouTube channel, where …

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ID, book cover: Graffiti wall with “Nothing Without Us” spray painted in black. The list of editors and authors is included in the text of this page.

Nothing Without Us, a 2020 Prix Aurora Award finalist for Best Related Work

“The manifesto of plucky editors Cait Gordon and Talia C. Johnson for this anthology was to gather great short stories that not only centre the disabled experience (all main characters are disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, spoonie, and/or managing mental illness or chronic conditions), but also buck the tired tropes that dominate disabled representation.”


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The Stealth Lovers, a military romance with humour, adventure, and pew pew pew…

“Are you interested in reading a space opera that centres a queer romance and a gang of diverse friends who are alien (in the sci-fi sense) but with whom you can totally relate? That is touching at some moments and hilarious at others? That is an example of pro-peace military sci-fi? That is sweeping but also filled with exquisite detail? That is both lighthearted and serious, and doesn’t take the easy way out? Then check out Cait Gordon’s The Stealth Lovers. You won’t be sorry!”


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This year has been a roller coaster of awesome and awful. But the awesome is so far winning out! One thing that has been cool is how I’ve been able to virtually attend and participate in writers conferences, and another is being interviewed. Last week, Derek Newman-Stille asked me questions about DisArts, which is art …

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