Help, help, my writing is crap!!!

badwriterSo, a couple of days ago, I went back to the beginning of my manuscript and started to read it again. I got a few chapters in and totally freaked out. I mean, I went into a state of paler-than-white panic and screamed inside myself, “MY WRITING IS CRAP! MY BOOK IS CRAP! I’M A TERRIBLE WRITER!”

Yeah, so I went there. In a Ferrari, with both feet on the gas pedal.

Then yesterday, I returned to the offending chapter, and realized all I had to do was fill out my paragraphs so my style of narrative was consistent. It really wasn’t a big deal at all. Now, I am motivated to continue the story.

But why did I flip my wig?

Apparently, this is a common condition for authors, and even almost-authors like myself. Just growing pains that one goes through when putting a story together. So far, I had been immersed in happy-wordsmith-wonderland and did not experience the lows of writing. After speaking with another author yesterday, it seems I’m a perfectly normal abnormal writer. I breathed a sigh of relief.

And now I have to press on with my mantra:

  1. Write to please myself.
  2. Have fun.
  3. Have fun.
  4. Have fun.

It seems to me that writing a book is like entering a new relationship. There’s the honeymoon phase, the doubting phase, the make-up sex phase, and the comfortable sigh of relief phase, knowing you’re a part of each other.

Now excuse me while I have make-up sex with my book.

What? It’s a metaphor. Sheesh, you people.


Cait Gordon has been a senior technical writer in high tech and government organizations. She is currently a Web Developer consultant for Dynamic Canvas Inc., and assistant to the Executive Director at H’Art of Ottawa. She also enjoys her crafting business, Cait Cards.

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An Irish-Canadian warrior princess and author of Life in the ’Cosm, a comedy sci-fi with an unusual amount of dessert. She's also the editor of the Spoonie Authors Network blog.

Quirky, bakey, eaty, faithy, drummy, wifey sorta gal who really likes writing words.

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