My novel is no longer in its teens!

Yup, just took Life in the ‘Cosm out of its teens and into its 20s. I’ve just drafted Chapter 20 and am headed for Chapter 21. Over 88 000 words now, and counting. I am amazed that a project that started out as a distraction from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia has turned into a story for which I care very deeply.21! Har-har hardy-har-har...

I didn’t realize that this quirky tale would end up turning into a sort of love note for the LGBT people who have been my support system these past 2.5 years. Sure, it’s a fantasy tale of beings from another galaxy, but there are some very real feelings in there that I relay. My characters that are wibbly-wobbly gendery-wendery or gay show a dignity, care, and loyalty to my protagonist that I suppose reflects how I regard my friends in real life. Of course none of the characters are exactly like someone I know, because it is truly a work of fiction, but it’s amazing how I can read something I wrote and trigger off a positive emotion I have for someone I know. Is it a metaphor? Nooo, Cait, it’s a book… (said in a dippy voice).

I am a Christian, so my spiritual life is a big part of me. It’s interesting to see how I express what I love about people of faith and what I detest about religious bullies. That’s something I have to deal with in real life all the time. I fully expect that I’ll be bombarded by Christians who’ll say I’m not a real Christian (if they bother to read this book), but I don’t care about that. I love my Jesus, and I’m doing my best to try and love people the way He does. I cannot deny that there are people from all races, backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations who have been gracious and kind to me. And I pray I can return to them the grace they’ve shown me.

In the meantime, I’m all SQUEEE about heading into chapter 21. This has been an amazing ride, like I keep saying. Onwards I go!


Cait Gordon has been a senior technical writer in high tech and government organizations. She is currently a Web Developer consultant for Dynamic Canvas Inc., and assistant to the Executive Director at H’Art of Ottawa. She also enjoys her crafting business, Cait Cards.

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