The Puddle & Gosling: Charming fantasy tale about “baristing” in Scuddy Corners

I found it on Amazon!

I’m really enjoying this trend of going through the writers on my Twitter list and reading their work. I’m trying to focus more on indie authors, because I know there are gems out there. So far, I’m batting 1000. Canadian writer C.Y. Falvey is the author of The Puddle and Gosling, about a young woman who flees her homeland after a revolution elects an emu as President of her country. Honestly, C.Y. Falvey had me at emu.

The protagonist, Mart Kokostolie is a refugee desperately trying to find a place that will accommodate her in Scuddy Corners. After being rejected by an imperious woman and a killer poodle, Mart is welcome at The Puddle & Gosling cafe, where a kindly gentleman in a tuxedo reveals their prophetic gosling was expecting her all along.

Sweeping floors until she learns how to make tea with extra pixie dust might not be the job of her dreams, but Mart copes well enough under the oppressive thumb of barista Judith. (Oh yeah, “to bariste” is apparently a verb, according to Judith.)

A bright spot at the Puddle & Gosling is Cookie, a gnome—oops, that’s not politically correct—an Ookulo, who is top chef at the cafe. Every time Cookie nicknames Mart, it’s usually after a food item, and this made me constantly hungry. I might have gained three pounds after reading the story.

I cannot talk about this book without using the word charming. The characters are enchanting and I loved ending my day by reading a few “episodes” of the story. The author left me wanting more, but additional episodes are free on the Puddle & Gosling blog.

I encourage you to support this author and buy the book on or

Happy reading!


Cait Gordon has been a senior technical writer for high tech and government organizations. Her first novel is with beta readers and she’s accidentally writing her second in the series. She didn’t know there would be a series. Huh.

Cait is also Madam President of her consulting company, Dynamic Canvas Inc., Chief Crafter at Cait Cards, and works part time as Assistant to the Executive Director at H’Art of Ottawa. 

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