I feel like the It’s Guy from Monty Python

Whew! Who knew getting a book ready for publication was such hard work? Oh yeah, probably all of you.

It’s been a whirlwind adventure for me this summer. On June 9, 2016 I signed a publishing contract with Renaissance Press, and during the weekend of September 9, 2016, I’ll be doing a reading from my first novel, Life in the ‘Cosm, at Can*Con. In between these dates I’ve gone through the Editing Passes of Destiny,  proofread the interior design, and approved the cover design. It’s been fast-paced but kinda awesome at the same time. Still, I’m completely pooped and am looking forward to a vacay this month, with my long-suffering husband. I sorta feel like the It’s Guy from Monty Python right now.

Renaissance Press could not have made this process easier on me, though. I do enjoy the family-atmosphere of this small press. They are extremely professional, but fun, and I think that makes us more productive. It was also great to have my 793, 478 questions answered so patiently. The best thing about working with a small press, especially when you’re an emerging author like me, is feeling like my opinion truly matters. As a result, I’m so excited about this book.

After I am well-rested from my holiday and adequately plied with cupcakes, I’ll be geared for promoting the book. I’m an extrovert, so people are my thing. I love people. GIVES ME ALL THE PEOPLES! I NEED MOAR PEOPLES! Warning: I might frighten you with my rampant friendliness. I mean no harm.

Stay tuned! The next time I blog will be when the book is available. SQUEE!



Cait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, published by Renaissance Press. Available in the fall of 2016. 


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