Losing Faith and Loving Emma: sharing in two siblings’ grief

I met Alexis James on Twitter and when I discovered she was such a  lovely person, I wanted to support her by purchasing her books. Well, I started backward and bought Loving Emma before Losing Faith, but she said it was okay, because each book stands on its own. (Each one really does, too!)

Both of these stories revolve around the death of a much beloved friend and girlfriend, named Faith. What I loved about the books was how I got to see the different perspectives of grief from the two survivors: Grace, the best friend in Losing Faith, and Liam, the boyfriend, in Loving Emma. Grace and Liam are very close siblings who adored Faith in their own profound way. Watching them navigate and stumble through their mourning gave me all the feels. They have their unique differences, but I also saw their similarities in their coping mechanisms. How difficult it must be for them to lose someone so young when they are so young themselves.

aj-booksI wanted to hug them, kick them in the butt, yell at them, bake them cupcakes, and comfort them . . . all at once. There is no smooth way to travel through grief. And for each character, someone new enters their lives. Steamy stuff happens, quite piping-hot steamy, but it doesn’t erase the sadness. How Grace and Liam handle their pain journey had me turning pages until my eyes went blurry.

I’m looking forward to reading more by this author! I might just be staring at the cover of the third book for days, but I’ll eventually get around to reading it. I think. 😉

You can learn more about Alexis James on her Website, and her books are on Amazon.




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