Multi-Author Monster Launch!


Monster Launch with authors and creators!
Saturday October 29th, 5-7pm
3 Brewers, 240 Sparks St., Ottawa

This is gonna be so crazy fun, peeps! I’ll be one of eight people launching like a rocket at this multi-author launch. I’m very excited to do a reading from Life in the ‘Cosm and I’ll be more than happy to sign books, too!

There will be door prizes, readings, and games. You can even dress in costume if you like, because it’s Halloweenish time! (You don’t hafta dress up, but I so am.)

If you’re in Ottawa/Gatineau or just visiting the nation’s capital, you must come on by. What was it they said on The Simpsons? Oh yeah, something like, “If you can’t make it, you better be dead or in jail. And if you’re in jail, break out…” 😀 (It’s a quote, okay? I don’t want nobodies to die or break out of jail.)

See you then! Squee!



Cait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, published by Renaissance PressAvailable now




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