If I’m an author, why am I doodling a comic strip?

Even though my book, Life in the ‘Cosm, is already published, its official launch is next weekend on October 29, 2016. (See more info on the Renaissance Press website!)  So, it’s super really true, I’m an author now, who writes words. Whoot!

But, if I’m all about the writey-writey, why am I also doodling a comic strip of the same name?

  1. ‘Cause it’s fun.
  2. ‘Cause my feeble drawing skills make you feel good about yourself.
  3. ‘Cause Life in the ‘Cosm started out as a bunch of doodles, about 20 years ago.

Writing in small bits

My book is almost 120K words. That’s a lot of words for a first novel, if you’re not Diana Gabaldon. What I like about creating a comic strip is that I’m training myself to get something across to a reader in three or four panels. It’s not as easy as you might think. At  least for me, it isn’t. I’m not typically a woman of few words.

This does not reflect when I was a tech writer at all. *cough*

Expressing myself through humour

I like how I can also draw and write about things that matter to me, like in the following strip. Gender equality is a passion of mine, and when I read the comments online sometimes…eep.

I look just like Virj in the third panel, whenever I read the comments.

It’s so easy to get angry these days, and believe me, I do. However, I am about the funnee. This is how I’ve been coping with all the things, all my life. If I can make someone else chuckle or nod in the process, it’s worth it, too.

Going back in time a little

The comic strip allows me to create a backstory for Virj, before the novel begins. We know at the beginning of ‘Cosm that he’s a bachelor who lives with a pet who resembles a fried egg, and a sentient daisy.

The first time Sonny was introduced was yesterday, on Spirit Day. He bakes smiles.

We also know he hates his job as a technical scribe. I get to explore that space a little, and I think I’ll enjoy that as time goes by.

I used to warn engineers I’d make up stuff if they didn’t give me the info I needed. Result: I got the info I needed.

It’s something else I can get creative with and improve on

My disability makes my fingers no likey me much. But thanks to the generosity of fellow writer Amy M. Young, who gave me her Bamboo drawing tablet, I am able to hold a pen much more easily and without having to apply much pressure. My drawing skills have been left in a drawer for decades, and taking them out and using a graphic art tablet is interesting, because I’m looking at the screen while my hand is drawing on a digital surface. It takes some getting used to, but I’m finding it easier all the time. I can’t wait to see how my artwork improves after a year or two. (Hey, look at Opus from Bloom County when Berkeley Breathed first drew him and compare with today. Even the great BB grew his mad skills over years!)

I feel Splot’s judging me here. He looks judgy.

Follow the series, if you like!

CosmFinalCoverYou can find the comic strip on lifeinthecosm.com, Tapastic, and on my Facebook page. But if you like silly sci-fi, then you can read the novel in paperback and ebook, available from Renaissance Press (paperback only) and all the Amazons!




Cait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, published by Renaissance PressAvailable now

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