This Googly Author’s Journey toward iOS

I’m so mad about Google. I’m Googly for it. I wrote my first novel on my Chromebook. I even used the Chrome voice feature to read my novel and especially my dialogue back to me, during the development and editing process. I was thrilled to jot down my ideas on my Android phone, whenever I wasn’t near my Chromebook. Google products are my comfort zone. They’re my jam.

I also have a craft business. When it was time for me to let my Nexus 4 Android phone go to heaven, I purchased the LG G4 for its 16 megapixel camera. Photos of my products turned out amazingly amazing. I absolutely loved that phone. It was larger and fantastic for writing with while waiting in doctors’ offices or taking the bus somewhere. It was a mini computer in my pocket.

If you own a LG G4, you’re probably aware that there is a risk of a boot loop issue. It’s a major hardware defect. My best friend had her phone go kaput without any warning. I thought perhaps mine was okay. Well, as of two days ago it wasn’t. The boot loop issue is when your phone looks like it’s restarting, but it never goes past the LG logo. My beloved cell was completely useless.

After chatting online, phoning, and meeting in person with my provider (persistent little thing I am) I found out that my phone had to be returned to the manufacturer. Fortunately, I had also chatted with LG online. Seems that they will fix this issue free of charge even if you’re off warranty, because it is such a global problem.

In the meantime, I was so fed up of the idea of having to ship my phone away and maybe get it back after a month, I was thinking about jumping to Apple’s iOS. Now for those of you who aren’t technical, that’s the equivalent of changing religions. People these days are very attached to their operating system. You’re Android or you’re iOS. You should hear people argue about this. I’ve not even heard religious debates that are this passionate.

Even though my provider was going to give me a loaner until my phone returned, a friend of mine was not using her iPhone 5, and she graciously lent it to me. I’m using it now. My two friends were over when I was trying to configure the thing yesterday. I’m quite technical, but it looked like I hadn’t a clue. I kept saying things like, “Where the EFF is this, and where the EFF is that?!”

This Googly gal does not transition easily into the Apple world.

However, despite my mourning for Android, I have noticed certain things with iOS already that are superior for my needs. I’m dictating this post using the voice recognition software on the iPhone 5. It is leaps ahead of the voice recognition software on my Android phone. Because I suffer from fibromyalgia and have arthritis in my fingers, I lean on voice recognition a lot. Also, I have a lot of pain in my hands and the smaller phone has an ergonomic advantage for me.

I’m feeling very pondery about the whole thing.

Also, it felt like I was going to lose my stuff last night. You know, the stuff inside my brain that keeps me sane? But I made a lovely discovery. I could put Google all over this iPhone. So I installed the Chrome app, Gmail, Drive, Google docs, and Gboard, which is a Google keyboard that allows for swipe texting. Now I feel like the phone’s a little hybrid.

Google apps on iOS
My friends say Splot doesn’t look too impressed.

I can have my Google, and eat it too. Okay, that sounded better in my head.

I’ll keep you updated with what my final decision will be, if my LG G4 returns fixed by the manufacturer. Right now it looks like I’ll be spending the next month on iOS. Your guess is as good as mine as what I’ll finally decide. Although, accessibility features that I’m seeing with iPhone are sort of turning my head.

Stay tuned as I take a bite out of the Apple.


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