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This year as been a real page-turner in my wee life. Going from an invisible to a blatantly visible disability has forced me to wake up to even more realities of what it’s like to live as a spoonie.

tales from the crip

On my Books/Writing menu, you’ll find Tales from the Crip. That’s going to be the home for my own-voices pieces. Even though I love writing silly space opera, I’m realizing I need a different place to express myself as a person with a disability, where I’m just Cait. Whoo, is that ever a vulnerable place for me! No smoke and mirrors.

And just so you know, crip is a slur that I’ve taken back for myself as an empowerment thing. I’ve several friends who have done the same. If we own the slur and decide it’s a word of awesomeness instead of derision, then nobody can hurt us with it.

So far I have a poem (Invisible) and a short story (To Get to the Other Side). Will keep you posted when new content is available.

Thanks for reading, as always! ❤

cgauthorCait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, a comedic space opera where boy meets girl, but girl doesn’t notice boy because she’s sharing a body with another boy. She is also the creator and editor of the Spoonie Authors Network. You can follow Cait on Facebook  and Twitter.


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