Getting Stuck After a Trigger

Today I wrote a thing for the Spoonie Authors Network, about coping with anxiety from PTSD.

Spoonie Authors Network

Hey, ho, it’s your Spoonie Authors Network editor! I’ve not posted for a wee while but wanted to share something today.

While I’m basically an upbeat and maybe frighteningly friendly person, I am also a human who manages mental illness. I am blessed to be surrounded by caring friends and family, and I love my Brain Spa therapist. (Yes, I call therapy the Brain Spa.) However, even with these fantastic supports, my mental illness still poses its challenges.

I am super lucky to be a freelance editor. I love my job and the manuscripts I’ve received are wonderfully crafted. My author clients are darlings, every last one of them. And the latest book I’m working on is by the SpAN’s own contributor, Robin Elizabeth. (She’s the one who encouraged me to edit manuscripts in the first place!) So, I was all excited about continuing work on Robin’s novel when I…

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