Cover design for The Stealth Lovers is happening!

And here’s a snippet!

Space ship flying away
ID: Fighter ship flying away into space.

Once again, I’m working with the super-talented Nathan Fréchette from Renaissance for this cover. I wanted something that was a little different from the ’Cosm series but would still look like it belonged as its prequel. (For the two sequels following Life in the ’Cosm, the title fonts will be the same as the first book, and there will be a featured object hurtling through space.)

It’s hard for me to put my characters on the covers of my novels, because I really want readers to use their imaginations. However, Xax and Viv will be in a zoomed-out shot, so you’ll have an idea of their appearance but can still fill in the blanks yourselves. Also, they will be sharing a tender moment, so claws and fangs will be retracted. Because otherwise, OW!

I’m super excited to share this book with the world. I just love those guys and always think of them as #RelationshipGoals. The Stealth Lovers will have sassy humour, military adventures, romance, and it will also underscore the importance of friendship. I’m hoping readers will enjoy watching the couple grow up together, as the story spans from them being 19 to reaching their mid-forties.

Um. And there might be a scene where they sample desserts in the officer’s lounge. (You really didn’t think I could write a miltary space opera without including cake, right?)

I will reveal the cover closer to the pre-order date! Right now the manuscript still has to pass through two more rounds of editing!

But I’m tickled with these two blurbs of praise so far:

“The fiercest, most formidable warrior-lovers in the ’Cosm are back. And the battle has never been so fabulous!”
Stephen Graham King, author of A Congress of Ships

“HOLY STARS, I loved everything about this novel!!!”
Jamieson Wolf, author of Little Yellow Magnet

So that’s my authory news this week! Oh, hey, the Nothing Without Us Kickstarter is still on until the end of the month. Help us reach our stretch goals! Learn more about this project and its authors!

Will write more about life in my ‘cosm soon! For now, back to donning my editor’s cap!

*dons cap*

Cait Gordon
Cait Gordon

Cait Gordon is a disability advocate and the author of Life in the ’Cosm and The Stealth Lovers (Fall of 2019). When she’s not writing, Cait’s editing manuscripts and running The Spoonie Authors Network, a blog whose contributors manage disabilities and/or chronic conditions. She’s also teamed up with co-editor Talia C. Johnson on the Nothing Without Us anthology (Fall of 2019.)

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