BOOK REVIEW: Cait Gordon’s The Stealth Lovers

Review of The Stealth Lovers at Iara’s Chronicles.

This made my heart happy. 🙂

Iara's Chronicles

Iara the plush Velociraptor looms over the book The Stealth Lovers by Cait Gordon, which has a blue, green and purple cover with a mountain in the background and foreground, stars in the sky, and two Draga in uniform holding one another on a mountaintop. The title is in bold print, and a spaceship veers away from it on the upper right.

As much as I enjoy writing romance on occasion, I’m not usually one for reading a romance novel. Give me action adventure in any setting, give me a furry graphic novel instead! Heck, I will take my dull-as-drywall college biology textbook over anything to do with mushy love stories that are long winded period piece dramas involving tea and crumpets any day of the week! Or worse, the “love stories” that are just Harlequin Romance novels…you know the ones. The trashy 50 Shades of Gray, hot dude…

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