The Great Equalizer Known as Receiving Submission Rejections

I wrote a post for the Spoonie Authors Network! The topic of rejections has been on my mind these days, so I wanted to share my points of view as an author and anthology editor.

With quotes from Nathan Caro Fréchette, Jamieson Wolf, April Laramey, and Christina Robins! (Thanks, awesome humans!)

Please read and share.

Spoonie Authors Network

Who loves receiving rejections? Isn’t it super fun? Submission rejections are my fave.

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Yeah, sorry, I can’t even joke-fake enthusiasm for them. For me, a rejection of my work stings like neuropathy, even if I can reason that it might not be a problem with the quality of my writing, but that the story isn’t a good fit for the publisher.

I don’t know about you, but perhaps the most difficult thing for me as an author when receiving a rejection is not knowing the reason why. And I completely empathize that it’s way too much work for most editors and publishers to give out this information. It would probably be an administrative nightmare for them.

“When one of my novels or stories is rejected, I have a moment or two of wondering why they didn’t like me or my story. Every book is…

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