What the heck has Cait been doing???

Hi, fellow followers! It’s been a good while since I’ve posted here. That’s because I took a work hiatus from my freelance editing career to focus on my latest WIP, Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space! I am happy to say that the hiatus was successful and the first “season” of this episodic series is off with beta readers! (I really want a streaming series and am not famous enough for one, so I decided to put mine in book form.) Iris and the Crew is about the adventures of the crew of a science vessel, the S.S. SpoonZ, which is a ship that’s fully accessible and whose society provides all sorts of accommodations. It combines my love for disability advocacy with space opera, humour, and mentions of cake. I have been invited to submit it to my publisher, Renaissance, and hope to do that in December of this year.

All good hiatuses come to an end, though, and September meant back to work for me as an editor. And now, on October 1, I resume the role of co-editor in chief with my BFF, Talia C. Johnson for the Nothing Without Us Too anthology. Once again, we’re seeking stories for this multi-genre collection, from authors who are disabled, d/Deaf, Blind, neurodivergent, and/or who manage chronic illness and/or mental illness. It’s going to be a challenge doing this anthology with a pandemic over our heads, but Talia and I are all in. Our brand of quirky humour will see us through.

Part of the self-care I did during the hiatus was being really honest with myself. I’d planned for a great second season of my In the ’Cosm podcast. Unfortunately, I knew I wouldn’t be able to manage the production of it and work on the anthology. My guest authors were amazingly understanding. Mental and physical health comes first. Hopefully one day, when things get a little easier, I can resume with that podcast. I had so much fun doing the first season!

And that’s what the heck I’ve been doing. If you’d like to support the works of this wee author, please visit my All Published Works page. Or just follow me on this blog and my social media. Let’s connect!

Happy spooky season! Woooooo!

Closeup of me. I'm a white woman with bobbed silver hair tucked behind my ear. I have a youngish face. I'm wearing a grey tee that has in old English font: "Hmmm..." Geralt of Rivia

Cait Gordon is a Canadian autistic, disabled, and queer author of speculative fiction that celebrates diversity. She also co-edited Nothing Without Us with Talia C. Johnson, a 2020 Prix Aurora Award finalist for Best Related Work that has thrice been part of a disability studies syllabus at Trent University. (The submission window for Nothing Without Us Too is currently open until Jan 31, 2022!) When not fine-tuning manuscripts, Cait advocates for disability representation and is the founder of the Spoonie Authors Network.

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