Reclaiming Lazy

I wrote a thing on the Spoonie Authors Network about reclaiming a word that’s often used against mentally ill and/or neurodivergent folks!

Spoonie Authors Network

Among those of us who are neurodivergent (ND) and/or who manage mental illness, the word lazy has been stamped on our foreheads, like a much unwanted label, by people who just don’t understand our experience. Many of my friends who have ADHD, for example, have had their executive dysfunction completely gaslit by family members, teachers, medical professionals, and colleagues because of sheer ignorance, resulting in being branded as lazy — countless times. That is supremely not okay and creates undue stress when supports are what’s most needed.

For those who aren’t aware, executive function is the ability to plan and implement tasks. I myself am autistic, and it would seem to many who work with me, I excel in planning and implementing tasks. After all, one of my skills is project management. I can admin with the best of them. Time management is my forte. I love scheduling and adhering…

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