Mini-fiction Monday: We Together

I thought it might be fun to post short fiction pieces on Mondays that just streamed out of my brain.

scenic view of rocky mountain during evening with stars out

We together

by Cait Gordon

Genre: fantasy

You wrap yourself around me and I feel enveloped in the coolness of your skin. Here, I am secure. In the quiet of this place, high above where anyone can harm me, knowing we are together, I can regain who I am. Rebuild the woman who has faced one too many sword-points.

But you swooped in and rescued me. I might not have been a young damsel—it’s been years since I was a maid—but I had indeed been in distress. You didn’t care; you still felt I was worth saving.

We might not speak the same tongue, yet we understand each other without spoken language. Our eyes, our gestures let each other know all that there needs to be known. And together, we’ll fly above the tedium and the host of mundanes who threaten to make us less than what we are.

For our bond is greater than any other. Our hearts are one. And as one, they shall conquer.

But for now, we rest.

Deep within this cave atop the highest mount, with a circular view of the multitude of stars shining their light in the distance, we sleep. Or, I shall sleep soon, lulled by the rising and falling of your body as you breathe.

The hand that rests upon you pats your tail gently. The stars pick out the pearlescent gleam in your scales, which cross over from jade to opal to amethyst. You are a host of jewels.

Your wings are folded neatly and docile. How I love when they are in full span! Your majesty puts fear in the faint hearted, but the sight of you strengthens me. I know your heart and your intentions. You want justice and so do I.

So let them fear us. Those trolls, those oppressors, those mundanes. We will gather those like us, assemble our own city, where we shall not rule over them, but in community with each other. Dragons and all of the Othered. Our land will have peace. It will bloom. And it will thrive.

But for now, we sleep.

I shall close my eyes soon, I promise.

Wrapped in the love of my dear one.

My bosom friend.

Mo chara dragan.

Until the morn.

For it promises great things.

A greyscale close-up of me, standing in front of a blank background. I am a white woman with short silver hair cropped closely on the sides. I am wearing dark metallic rimmed glasses with rhinestones on the side. I’m wearing silver hook earrings with flat beads and a plaid shirt.

Cait Gordon is an autistic, disabled, and queer Canadian writer of speculative fiction that celebrates diversity. She is the author of Life in the ’CosmThe Stealth Lovers, and the forthcoming Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space (2023). Cait also founded the Spoonie Authors Network and joined Talia C. Johnson to co-edit the multi-genre disability fiction anthologies Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too. 

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