Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland

Edited by Colleen Anderson (Exile Editions, 2018)

ID, book cover: A brunette Alice in a mask, surrounded by Wonderland characters, such as the caterpillar, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire cat. Text reads: The Exile Book of Anthology Series Number Sixteen, Alice Unbound Beyond Wonderland, Edited by Colleen Anderson.

My urban-fantasy/sci-fi mashup, A Night at the Rabbit Hole, stars a non-binary Alice and their crush Bunni as they check out a new club in The Garden. This tale was not only published in Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland (Colleen Anderson, Exile Editions), but it also appeared in Exile Literary Quarterly magazine. It was the first short story I ever sold, and I really enjoyed connecting with other authors in this collection.

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