All Published Books

Here are all the books I have written, have short stories in, or have co-edited!


TSL book cover LITC paperback ID: Graffiti wall with “Nothing Without Us” spray painted in black. The list of editors and authors is included in the text of this page.

The Stealth Lovers
(Cait Gordon)

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Life in the ’Cosm
(Cait Gordon)

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Nothing Without Us
(Edited by Cait Gordon
and Talia C. Johnson)

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WSBM cover Alice Unbound cover (Cover reveal imminent!)
We Shall Be Monsters (Edited by Derek Newman-Stille)

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Alice Unbound:
Beyond Wonderland
(Edited by Coleen Anderson)

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Space Opera Libretti

(Edited by Brian McNett
and Jennifer Lee Rossman)

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