It’s almost mid-January and I haven’t posted yet!

So, here’s my post. How’d ya like it so far? Life has been a whirlwind lately with extra bits of whoosh. I’ve barely had time to think. Yet, after only 12 days into 2019, I’ve already learned a lesson: I super-really, absolutely, and totally have to pace myself. This applies to all the things in … More It’s almost mid-January and I haven’t posted yet!

We Shall Be Monsters is now available!

Squee! I’ve been waiting for this Frankenthology all year and it’s aliiiiive! We Shall Be Monsters, edited by Derek Newman-Stille and published by Renaissance, is a collection of short fiction inspired by Mary Shelley’s 1818 version of Frankenstein. My short story, The Hilltop Gathering, appears in this anthology. I’m so thrilled it got accepted because it’s my first published … More We Shall Be Monsters is now available!

Broom Chicka-Wow-Wow

I’m back after taking a short breather from writing. I was sad to miss two flash fiction challenges, but was happy to return for the last one in ’Nathan Burgoine’s 2018 monthly Flash Fiction Draw. And thank goodness, the genre was Comedy. The setting is a poppy field and the mandatory object was a broom. … More Broom Chicka-Wow-Wow

My 2018 List of “You-Gotta-Read Them” Books

Note: Not all the books were published in 2018. I just wanted to share with you eight titles I’ve read this year and have really liked. Okay, here we go, in no particular order! Pride and Prometheus—John Kessel Derek Newman-Stille, eight-time winner of the Aurora Award for Speculating Canada, is also the editor of the We Shall Be … More My 2018 List of “You-Gotta-Read Them” Books