I love space opera so hard. But the main genre I write isn’t necessarily what I’ve read all my life. I adore classical romance. This is probably why I have an Austenian ballroom scene in the middle of a military space opera novel (yup, The Stealth Lovers). Also, I didn’t consciously choose Knightly as a surname for Xax because of Emma, but it’s a cute coincidence. 

Merging a little of the classical into the PEW, PEW, PEW really appeals to me. Along with adding desserts because CAAAKE INNN SPAAAAACE!

While I’ve a passion for crafting novels, I also adore penning short stories. The challenge of getting so much into a smaller word count really appeals to me. In The Hilltop Gathering (We Shall Be Monsters), I had my first opportunity to create a disabled main character—Frank E. Stein. It really mattered to me that she was disabled from the beginning to the end of the tale. After all, the author is! I also like using the vehicle of short fiction to explore other genres. In 2018, I took author ’Nathan Burgoine’s Flash Fiction Draw and pushed out ten works of 1000 words in all sorts of genres. That was challenging, but heckin’ fun! And I’m really thrilled that my space opera short story about an opera company is now in Space Opera Libretti. The Silken Eclipse is a mashup of oldy-worldy culture with aliens from other planets! I like to say it’s a space-opera space opera!

But as much as I enjoy submitting short stories, 2019 was life-changing for me. I am the co-editor of an own-voice anthology whose authors and their protagonists identify as disabled, Deaf, neurodiverse, Spoonie, and/or they manage mental illness. Nothing Without Us is so far the most important work in my career. It’s advocacy with a huge smattering of awesome. (I’m also editor in chief and creator of the Spoonie Authors Network! We gots a podcast, too, produced and directed by Canadian author Dianna Gunn!)

But some non-writey stuff about me? Well, the first thing everyone notices about this human (aside from my mobility device) is my slight Belfast accent. I sort of tuck it away for interviews, videos, and panels, but the sneaky thing keeps popping back out again!

ID: Me, wearing my fashionista dalek costume. It's a red sleeveless dress with a black belt and little silber dalek hemispheres down the skirt in three rows. I'm holding a silver plunger and a whisk, and have a red construction helmet made to look like the head of a dalek.
Me, dressed as a red fashionista dalek. I love cosplay!

I was born in Verdun, Quebec, and am a citizen of Canada and Ireland. My Dad was born in Ulster, and came over here in 1965. My mother is a Polish-Canadian. Somehow, I came into this world as an Irish princess.

The next thing you’d notice about me is that I am a cheerful soul with a wacky sense of humour.  I love to laugh. I’m an extroverted tornado, yet the majority of my friends are introverts. I have been well-instructed on how to care for introverts, so let’s nobody panic!

I’ve been a musician since I was 14, and have been singing since I was 2. My first bass guitar was an Ibanez Roadstar II that I named Ebenezer, or Ebby, for short. I went through a phase in my 30s, which was my mid-life crisis, and ended up with five basses. Then I sold two at age 41 and started playing drums. I so dig being a drummer.

ID: Me again, looking wistfully into the distance with my electronic drum kit looking gorgeous in the background.

(Btw, I own a t-shirt that reads: I hit like a girl. Try to keep up.)

I’ve been married since the day before forever to my long-suffering husband, Bruce. I took his last name and joined Clan Gordon. We often tease each other about our Irish and Scottish rivalry. I always say that Jesus told me to love my enemies, so I married a Scot. 😉  We renewed our vows after being married 20 years, in a Celtic-themed wedding. Bruce says we’re Super Married now.

We are only children without children of our own. Our small family means that our close friends are our heart family. I enjoy having friends who are from all walks of life. I think growing up in Montreal made me feel that diversity is the natural way of things. Montreal to me was like the entire world lived in one city. We were glad to be Canadian, but we loved the Old Country, too, and held onto our parents’ cultures. I learned so much by listening to other people’s traditions. It expanded my world.

I now live in Ontario, in the ’burbs. Oy. Suburgatory is right. I nickname my ’burb Narnia because I feel like the only way out is through a wardrobe.

ID: Dynamic Canvas Inc. text logo.-2017
(Need an editor? I be one!)

For a living I work as a freelance editor and web development consultant for Dynamic Canvas Inc. Some of the books I’ve edited include Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Postnatal Depression Sucks (Robin Elizabeth), Camp Follower: One Army Brat’s Story (Michele Sabad), Skylark (S.M. Carrière), Little Yellow Magnet (Jamieson Wolf), and Moonshadow’s Guardian (Dianna Gunn).

As I said before, I’m a woman of faith, but I don’t believe in walloping people over the head with my Bible. I try to live my life by Jesus’ words, “As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:34-35)  I think loving and respecting people is vital. Several years ago, I felt I needed to leave a certain church culture, then I was “adopted” by my super-loving queer family. I love them dearly and am forever grateful to them for helping me heal at my own pace and letting me just be me.

ID: Sonny, from Life in the 'Cosm. He's a sentient daisy who bakes. I have him smiling in a chef's cap and an apron that says: I bake smiles.

Lastly, I lust to eat cupcakes. I only eat other types of food so I can eventually get to the cupcakes. Or fudge. Fudge is acceptable, too.

Well, I reckon that’s way enough about me. Hope you enjoy reading my stuff. It’s cathartic for me to document my writing journey. If I can connect with other writers or even help some, then that’s totally awesome, too.

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