Life in Another ’Cosm

ID: Mock book cover. Purple nebula and orange planet. Baby bottle is flying through space like a rocket. Text reads: Life in another ’Cosm, Jinny from the blog, by Cait Gordon.

The latest WIP in the ’Cosm series is a YA space opera novel starring Virjinia Ofreesin, usually known as Jinny. Life in Another ’Cosm is a sort of homage to all the 80s films I grew up with as a teenager. I affectionately call it the ’Cosm Breakfast Club. My goal is to keep the tropes I have fond memories of but dump the ones I’ve hated. Hope you enjoy my cast of characters… who are really characters.

If human teens are regarded as aliens, what about alien teens? Are they somehow more human?

Jinny’s parents are so in love, it’s really gross. Thankfully, her warrior grandpops are epic. Malley High is ugh, Jayke is ughier, but Selma’s pretty okay for someone donned in 50 shades of black. To cope with all the meh, Jinny spends her free time blogging about her microcosm. Her pointless existence goes snoozily along until the morning she meets a four-armed musician on the bus flight to school. She wants to get to know them but realizes she’s forgotten her Geology homework. Skipping first class to scrounge around a quarry, Jinny finds a solid specimen inside an abandoned vessel. The only problem is, this rock poops.

(The back blurb and cover might be subject to change.)

My third book in the ’Cosm series is still a work in progress, because I found myself writing The Stealth Lovers prequel instead (TSL is going to be published in the Fall of 2019), but Another ’Cosm is currently over 50,000 words. The writing of this story is going a little differently than with Life in the ’Cosm. Instead of pantsing it from start to finish, I’m writing from the beginning and from the end while jotting down random scenes that pop into my head. I reckon I’ll be assembling this book like a puzzle!

I was an adolescent in the 80s, which had been a great time for teen movies. While I’m not really a YA author (I think), I’m enjoying tapping into memory lane and drawing upon real feelings and that combination of being intelligent but not having enough life experience to see the full picture.

My plan is to have a first draft by end of 2019. Let’s hope this happens, because, you know, *gestures at everything in my Spoonie life*.