I’ll be a panellist at Can-Con 2017!

My bio is listed on the Can-Con website! (Also note awesome emerging author Dianna Gunn. Her novel, Keeper of the Dawn, is way cool. Go buy it. I'll wait.) Here's the text of my bio, if you cannot read the image: Cait (like ‘cat’) Gordon is an Irish-Canadian princess and the author of Life in the ’Cosm, a space …

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Um, peeps without disabilities, we need to talk.

Yeah. So. Here's the thing. People without disabilities, many, many of you need sensitivity training when it comes to disabled folks like myself. Like, big time. Because you don't even know what you don't know. And you're hurting us with your ignorance. Last weekend at a conference, I was scheduled to be a panelist to …

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Why Every Author Needs Neil Armstrong

Imposter syndrome—every writer with a pulse gets it. I sure as heck do, and I've noticed that every single one of my author friends has been struck with it, too, from time to time. It's when you are overwhelmed with feeling you don't belong somewhere, even though people have invited you into that space because they …

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I’ll be at the Limestone Genre Expo!

Limestone Genre Expo Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4, 2017, 10 am-5pm St. Lawrence College 100 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston, ON Really looking forward to sharing with and learning from other authors! I'll be sitting on the the following panels: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in Speculative Fiction and Extraordinary Bodies - The Portrayal of Disability in Speculative …

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My New Wheels!

Because I am a published author, there are conferences I must attend for learning and for self-promotion. I want to go to these things. And with this rollator, I can! Always having a seat with me is an enormous thing. Last year at Can*Con 2016, people suggested I sit on a window sill while waiting in line for a panel. That was a solution, I guess, but not a very good one. Also, I kinda hate asking people for chairs all the time. It's going to be nice to just chill and be independent.