ID: Dashboard screenshot for CampNanoWriMo. Mockup cover of Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space. Goal indicator reads 20,063 words out of 20,000.

How I Wrote Over 20K Words in April 2021

I have absolutely no clue how I had the endurance to manage it. But I did it. I set a goal of 20,000 words for CampNaNoWriMo this April and just passed it this afternoon, three days early. Why this is amazing to me is because of the state I am in at present. The pandemic …

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ID: A salmon pink background with gold glitter and gold unlit candles in the shape of 2020

2020, A Year I Examine With Hindsight

There is an expression I often use in therapy: “My life is equal parts awful and awesome. As long as the awesome is really awesome, it wins.” To be completely honest, though, it’s difficult for me to write this post because I'm currently managing a depression. Still, sometimes it’s good to examine one’s life, even …

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DisArts and Mental Health

This year has been a roller coaster of awesome and awful. But the awesome is so far winning out! One thing that has been cool is how I’ve been able to virtually attend and participate in writers conferences, and another is being interviewed. Last week, Derek Newman-Stille asked me questions about DisArts, which is art …

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Aqua background with black text that reads: ha-ha...nah.

Sometimes Humour is Serious

Before the pandemic started (and my brain could words), I really enjoyed participating in Twitter writers chats. They’re pretty fun. Often, the first question asked is our name and the genre we write in. I almost always write something like this: Hi, I’m Cait (like cat). I’m a humorist who writes space opera with aliens …

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We’re in a pandemic situation. This is how I’m doing.

Hey, lovely humans who follow this blog! As of this date, the City of Ottawa is pretty much slowed right down. It's weird: while I'm typing, I can hear birds singing their flirty songs. The air is getting warmer, and the snow is melting. It seems so peaceful. You'd never guess there was a pandemic …

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Me on a large screen about to read remotely!

Last weekend, I fell in love with Glad Day Bookshop!

If you’ve been following my Twitter posts for the past several weeks, you know how much I had been looking forward to launching The Stealth Lovers and Nothing Without Us at Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto. I’d heard amazing things about this bookstore for years from my author friends and was honoured Glad Day would …

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