Cryptosexual Pride Flag, colours from top to bottom are: yellow, salmon/coral, mauve/lilac, and brown

Tale of a Swirly Girly

Heya! I'm freshly 51 years old, and I announced a thing on social media this week: My way of announcing that I'm cryptosexual, by saying "It me" and adding a heart with the flag colours of yellow, salmon/coral, mauve/lilac, and greyish-brown. Cue the crickets... There was barely a response. Not even on Facebook among …

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Aqua background with black text that reads: ha-ha...nah.

Sometimes Humour is Serious

Before the pandemic started (and my brain could words), I really enjoyed participating in Twitter writers chats. They’re pretty fun. Often, the first question asked is our name and the genre we write in. I almost always write something like this: Hi, I’m Cait (like cat). I’m a humorist who writes space opera with aliens …

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Photo of me dressed as the Mad Hatter, then five books: Alice Unbound Beyond Wonderland, We Shall Be Monsters, Nothing Without Us, The Stealth Lovers, Life in the ’Cosm. And a figure of Captain Marvel and her "cat."

Taking Time Out to Smell the Pages

We writers are an interesting lot. Before our first work is published, it's often all we can think about. And if it gets published, we're so squeeful. That's the adorable part about us. Then something happens after we're published. We tend to look around us, and watch how many other writers are out there, seemingly …

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Even Funny People Get Pissed Off

I like making people laugh—it's my thing and has been ever since I was a little girl. It was an easy decision to make my "brand" about being a humorous weirdo because IT ME! Humour has always served me well, whether I'm weeping from laughter at comedies and comedians, coping with dire situations, or just …

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Cover photo of Journey of a Thousand Steps, by Madona Skaff-Koren.

Why I Should Listen to Madona More Often

No, that's not a typo. I'm speaking about Canadian author Madona Skaff, not the recording artist. This post is way overdue, too. I just have to tell the world how this amazing human has impacted my life since late 2015. She told me to enjoy the journey. When I met Madona, it was at the …

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ID: Woman on comfy grey couch, buried under a blue furry blankie.

I’m still alive, honest!

Hey, folks! I haven't blogged in a few weeks because (1) I have this stalker-cough. Yes, it's stalking me. I'm considering getting a restraining order on this virus. (2) I am up to my eyeballs in editing work! I've been helping the husband unit with his first book, Dissatisfied Me, A Love Story, by giving it a pre-beta reader edit. …

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ID: Grayscale image of wooden fence post in against a field grown wild.

It’s almost mid-January and I haven’t posted yet!

So, here's my post. How'd ya like it so far? ID: Grayscale image of wooden fence post in against a field grown wild. Life has been a whirlwind lately with extra bits of whoosh. I've barely had time to think. Yet, after only 12 days into 2019, I've already learned a lesson: I super-really, absolutely, …

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ID: Grey brick wall and light grey table. A sign on the table reads: Hello there 2018 and scattered on the table are the letters that spell "Good times." There's an hourglass to the left of the sign and a heart lamp sculpture to the right.

Hey, wait a sec, 2018 was a great year!

That thing, when you take a moment to reflect on a challenging 12 months, then realize something amazing. While I had to deal with complications from my disability and other tough situations during the last 12 months, other stuff happened as well. Awesome stuff. So, it's with delight that I get to announce that 2018 was …

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ID: Green background with grey outlined polkadots. Text reads: Never mind the Nasties. Stay awesome.

Never Mind the Nasties, Stay Awesome

On this my birthday, I feel I should impart some crone-like wisdom. Well, I'm still learning to navigate life myself, but one thing struck me yesterday. You see, I had become all worked up over folks who seem to get ahead while acting like victims, when in reality they are full of straight white privilege—and …

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