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It’s June and once again I’m partaking in ‘Nathan Burgoine’s super-fun 2018 flash fiction challenge! This month we had to write a fantasy story, set in a junkyard/scrapyard, featuring hot chocolate. And I’m sick as a dog this week. I’m using that excuse for bending the rules, genre-wise. *cough* But ‘Nathan said we’re supposed to…

Forsooth! cover

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The Ale-ing Brothers

Yay, it’s flash fiction time, as hosted by the fantabulous author, ’Nathan Burgoine. This month in the year-long challenge we had to write in the genre of sci-fi, in the clouds, and with a dog collar as our object. I thought a bit outside the box here, and the timing of the writing prompt coincided with…

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Anthology Kickstarter: We Shall Be Monsters (Or, as I call it: The Frankenthology)

So I’m pretty stoked. Last December I submitted a short story called The Hilltop Gathering to the We Shall Be Monsters anthology call-for-submissions. What really appealed to me about this project was how authors were invited to write stories that explored disability. As a disabled person, this simply delighted me. For the first time since I…

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The Thing About Virj

From time to time I’m faced with feedback about the main character in Life in the ’Cosm, who is Virj Ofreesin (pronounced verge of reason). I hear everything from him being an unreliable narrator, to annoying and frustrating, and to having his head way too far up his backside. And you know what? It’s all true.…

Virj eating cupcakes

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