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The Thing About Virj

From time to time I’m faced with feedback about the main character in Life in the ’Cosm, who is Virj Ofreesin (pronounced verge of reason). I hear everything from him being an unreliable narrator, to annoying and frustrating, and to having his head way too far up his backside. And you know what? It’s all true.…

Virj eating cupcakes

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Ye Filthy Rat

Flash fiction piece #4 for 2018, inspired by ’Nathan Burgoine’s challenge for the year! I’m still loving this, even though I wrote this entry in one go. Yeah, maybe I won’t leave it to the last second next month. Some help for non-Irish speakers. Sometimes names are pronounced differently, depending on where the people live…

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Writing Is Never a Waste of Time

I could kick my behind for the self-pity I wallowed in about my writing last year. “All I can manage are short stories,” I lamented repeatedly. Well, in fairness to me, 2017 was about massive health scares and so much testing. The stress of everything prevented me from finishing the sequel to my first book.…


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