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Mini-fiction Monday: Golden Infinity

CN: Anti-autistic ableism Genre: Autobiographical poem Golden infinity.  A shimmering figure eight  in repose.  I’m not a puzzle piece.  I have endless potential of being.  I’m verbal when I’m silent.  My fingers speak for me.  Tapping away.  Sometimes I forget to turn off the closed captions on my face.  I can’t remain focused on one …

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blue and purple cosmic sky

Mini-fiction Monday: Stretched Thin, Longing for the Deep

CN: stress, mental health Genre: space opera poem Pulled. Pulled. Pulled in all directions. This can’t be good, right? My suit won’t tolerate much more of this. I feel like that elastic action hero from days of old. So far there’s only some pressure on my joints. They said that the suit would only stretch …

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Awards Eligibility 2022

So, this has been a full year for me, even though my name is only on one book. Since that book happens to be an anthology where I am co-editor, I will already take that as a win! It’s not the quantity, but the quality, as they say. And in the case of this collection, …

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The Masks, A Poem

I am fluent in languagesnot like English, Français, or Gaeilge.I mean the social languagesyou constructed beforeand built duringmy time. There were no classes to teach meall of the facial expressions, subtext,and the unspoken assumptions.I learned by mistakesand the shunningthat followed. To survive and be acceptedI refused to give up; I mastered them.Even though I despised …

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