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I’m not nervous, YOU’RE nervous!

Okay, sorry to visit my anxiety on you. That wasn’t nice. But I have so many feelings right now! My current novel is in production and should be in the world this September. I’m immersed in that familiar whirlwind of getting all the edits done, sending eARCs for blurbers, gathering info for my publisher for …

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Awards Eligibility 2022

So, this has been a full year for me, even though my name is only on one book. Since that book happens to be an anthology where I am co-editor, I will already take that as a win! It’s not the quantity, but the quality, as they say. And in the case of this collection, …

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The freedom that comes from saying, “I can’t.”

CN: Mentions of mental illness, ableism, disability symptoms, and toxic environments As a person who manages a chronic pain and fatigue disability, I’ve had to constantly “push through” my discomfort in order to have any semblance of a life. Sometimes I have aids like my mobility device to make things much easier on me, but …

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The Ableism and Privilege Behind “You Must Write Every Day”

You are the expert on yourself.  (This article first appeared in Write, the official magazine of the Writers’ Union of Canada, Summer 2022 edition.) One of my favourite things about being in author spaces is discovering how many ways there are to reach the end of a first draft. Some folks are pantsers, meaning they don’t …

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2020, A Year I Examine With Hindsight

There is an expression I often use in therapy: “My life is equal parts awful and awesome. As long as the awesome is really awesome, it wins.” To be completely honest, though, it’s difficult for me to write this post because I'm currently managing a depression. Still, sometimes it’s good to examine one’s life, even …

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Calling for a Disbanding of Cliques and the Culture of Fear

For the past several days I’ve been incensed, heartbroken, and triggered to the nth degree over the allegations posted by professionals who worked for/with ChiZine Publications (CZP). It was one thing for me to read about the alleged mismanagement of funds and/or nonpayment of royalties, but quite another to read multiple posts* that mentioned abuse, …

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