Hey, did you know I’m a freelance editor? It’s something Australian author Robin Elizabeth encouraged me to do as my day job. So, in late 2016 I changed the focus of Dynamic Canvas Inc. to offer editing services for indie authors and small press publishers. I’ve had some wonderful manuscripts (and humans) to work with and cannot wait to expand my client list even further!

Some of the books I’ve edited include:

Confessions of a Mad Mooer: Postnatal Depression Sucks, by Robin Elizabeth:

Book cover: A colourful character of Robin Elizabeth. Text reads: Confessions of a Mad Mooer, Postnatal Depression Sucks, Robin Elizabeth

“I always say that Cait turned my barnacle-ridden humpback whale into a dolphin.”

Robin Elizabeth

Skylark,  by S.M. Carrière:

ID, book cover: Two scenes, split by a sabre. One of an alien ship, the other of a man in a grey space armour. Text reads: S.M. Carrière, Skylark

“Cait has a fantastically sharp eye and a wonderful sense of humour. Working with her is an absolute pleasure.”

S.M. Carrière

Little Yellow Magnet and Life and Lemonade by Jamieson Wolf:

ID, book cover: Orange background with five people sitting in a waiting room looking worried. Text reads: Life and Lemonade, Jamieson Wolf. With a quotation that reads: “Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!” Kelly Armstrong, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Women of the Otherworld Series

“Cait Gordon from Dynamic Canvas is a goddess of words. She has worked on three books of mine and always makes them better. She knows the way I write and makes sure her edits and suggestions are in my voice. Cait is a joy to work with and she really gets into what I’ve written. It’s such a refreshing change to work with a stylistic editor who is as enthusiastic about my book as I am. Working with her is a dream and a joy. She makes my words shine brighter than they could without her help. Thank you Cait. You rock!” 

Jamieson Wolf

ID: White background with a hand-written type font. Text reads: Dynamic Canvas Inc.

See my business site for more information about the types of editing services I provide.