I’ve extended my love of words to loving other people’s words! As of November 2016, the husband unit and I have expanded our biz to include manuscript consultation, copy editing, and proofreading services. It occurred to me that I’ve been editing since I began my career as a tech writer at age 19. Figured it was time to offer my critical-but-kind eye to the world of authors.

Mooer book cover
A funny and serious look at one woman’s journey through severe PND

After some encouragement by Caroline Fréchette of Renaissance Press, I accepted an opportunity to edit (massively amazing Australian author) Robin Elizabeth’s upcoming non-fiction, Confessions of a Mad Mooer. Her reaction to my work?

My book was a whale and you made it a dolphin!
~ Author Robin Elizabeth

I’m so glad my skills served a porpoise.

If you’d like to hire lil’ ol’ me, please go to my biz website, Dynamic Canvas Inc., and drop me a line through the Contact us link.

Ima gude editer. Ewe woant be soree.