Flash Fiction

Thanks to Canadian speculative fiction and romance author ’Nathan Burgoine and his Flash Fiction Challenge Draw back in 2018, I learned how to write stories at 1000 words max! Here are some short works I’ve done for fun over the years.

By the way, learning to write flash fiction led me to my first microfiction piece, With My Kind, which appears in AE Science Fiction’s STARGAZERS: Microtales from the Cosmos!

Mini-fiction Mondays! (From January 2023–)

I decided to publish short works of microfiction or teeny flash fiction on Mondays!

Flash Fiction Challenge 2021

Here are the entries I submitted for this monthly challenge!

Flash Fiction Challenge 2020

I curated ’Nathan’s challenge draw in 2020. Here are my entries and monthly results, which include works from other awesome authors!

Flash Fiction Challenge 2018

Here are the entries I submitted for this challenge.

Photo by Martinus on Pexels.com