Welcome to my 'Cosm!

Little alien shaped like a fried egg. Name is Splot.
Splot has Resting Judgy Face.

It’s been quite the ride since I decided to start a creative writing exercise in 2014 to help me cope with the pain of my disability. After I accidentally wrote an entire book, I accidentally met my publisher while dressed like a fashionista dalek! (Totally true. See Bio.) After Life in the ’Cosm was published in 2016, I’ve had a blast with writing, networking, freelance editing, and even co-editing an anthology. I like words!

Latest releases

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ID: Two Draga warriors in space flight suits about to engage in a kiss while standing on a snowy mountain top. Overhead flies a space fighter.

The Stealth Lovers by Cait Gordon (A ’Cosm series prequel!)

A military space opera and romance story of two beloved characters from Life in the ’Cosm! If you adored Xax and Viv before, just wait until you read The Stealth Lovers—their origin story! From meeting at age nineteen during basic training and throughout their many adventures as the warriors known as The Stealth, you’ll find yourself drawn into the microcosm of a couple who can be best described as legendary, formidable, and fabulous.

ID: A glorious purple alien diva wears a golden crown on her head and a gown made of gold and different shades of purple and blue. It looks like she’s about to deliver the closing note against a purple and blue nebulous yet glittery sky

Space Opera Libretti, edited by Brian McNett and Jennifer Lee Rossman

My story, The Silken Eclipse, is included in the non-dystopian and quite musical Space Opera Libretti. The Silken Eclipse is about a multi-tentacled and multi-talented diva who has to deal with a sub-par ingenue in a famous opera company. That’s right, it’s a space-opera space opera! I think I combined the atmosphere of the 17th century with the absurdity of Life in the ’Cosm. It was so much fun to write!

ID: Graffiti wall with “Nothing Without Us” spray painted in black. The list of editors and authors is included in the text of this page.

Nothing Without Us, edited by Cait Gordon and Kohenet Talia C. Johnson

Nothing Without Us combines both realistic and speculative fiction and stars protagonists who are written “by us and for us.” All of the protagonists identify as disabled, Deaf, Spoonie, neurodiverse, and/or they manage mental illness.

From the halls of hospitals to deep into the jungle, from within the fantastical plane to far into outer space, these protagonists take us on a journey, make us think, and also prompt us to cheer them on. These are bold tales, told in our voices, which are important for everyone to experience.