Iris and the Crew Series

ID: Book cover concept by Cait Gordon. Purple background with what appears to be a tear in the cover of the book, revealing the words inside. From left to right: Iris, a platinum-haired woman in a grey uniform with a sash, bending over an aqua robot. Her left hand is on the bot’s head and her right is holding a low-vision cane. Lartha is brown-skinned with half her head shaved, revealing a tattoo that says, “Just try it.” The other half of her head has flowing, wavy magenta locks. She’s wearing a black and grey uniform and aiming a large tubular weapon in front of her. She has two prosthetic limbs, and the left one is a glowing beacon with a short black boot. Davan is blue-skinned with pointed ears and a long trunk. He’s wearing a sleeves amber and grey uniform and waves to his right. Herb is pale skinned with brown and russet wavy hair in chunky layers, just hitting his shoulders. He’s in a baggy green mechanical uniform with pockets. Herb’s back is to us as he points to the tear while trying to get Davan’s attention.

Season One, Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space is a 13-episode space opera series with the command crew of my dreams on a fully-accessible ship! I wanted to create a galaxy where accessibility and accommodation are an integral part of the world-building. My hope is to have Blind, Deaf, neurodivergent, and disabled readers find themselves represented as key characters in this story!

Mock book cover of Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space! This work is currently with my publisher!

My plan is to create several “seasons” of Iris and the Crew as shorter works (for me just over 70K is short) that form a fun collection. Heck, if I can’t have a streaming SF series, I’ll produce one in book form! 😀


Lieutenant Eileen Iris and the command crew of the S.S. SpoonZ have no idea what it means to be disabled. That’s not a metaphor—no one in their galaxy has ever applied that term to living beings. So, when a startled intergalactic janitor calls them disabled but gets beamed back to NASA a bit too soon, they realize they might never get the answer to that particular question. Unphased, duties resume as Iris tries to appease her overprotective guidebot Clarence; security Chief Lartha and her new sentient prosthetic legs offer kickass protection; Lieutenant Commander Herbert’s inventiveness is a treasured godsend (though he’s not quite grasped how to flirt); science officer Commander Davan provides excellent counsel while signing his need for spicy hash browns, and Captain Warq’s genteel but firm leadership keeps everyone at their best. Until on one mission, where they tear through space. Just a little bit.