Life in the ’Cosm (Book 1)

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What happens when boy meets girl but girl doesn’t notice boy because she shares a body with another boy?

When he’s not gorging on desserts, calming his hypochondriacal mum, or getting bone-crunching hugs from his warrior dads, Virj Ofreesin spends his time writing a fantasy novel about Frayda, the elegant half of the two-headed Dwa. Life is adequately mediocre until he learns the Dwa are gravely ill, and a mystical cure grows on a planet between two infamously warring worlds. Ignoring all warnings of danger, Virj embarks on the journey to be Frayda’s real-life hero, armed only with his stylus, and a boingy-haired nuisance who decides to tag along.

What are people saying?

“This book was a delight from start to finish, but it’s the last third that shines, keeping me glued to the page. Honestly, if you’re looking for a light, funny story with equal parts sass and romance, this is most definitely the book for you.”
~ S.M. Carrière, author of Human and Daughters of Britain

“I spent many an hour recovering from a fit of laughter. The book needs a warning that you may rupture something laughing and the author is not responsible for any face pain from the smiles.”
~ Amy Young, author of the upcoming Desert Song

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Some history of LITC

In the 90s, I created a comic strip about a broody character named Virj Ofreesin (yes, it is pronounced verge of reason), Splot—his gelatinous pet who resembles a fried egg, and sentient daisy homemaker, Sonny.  About 16 years ago, I also started writing a story about Virj trying to write a story. I got about a chapter and a half done and set it aside while I let my life get in the way.

NOwritersIn May 2014, I began again, but completely from scratch. The characters are much more than I originally scribbled in a simple comic strip, and they have come to life in a whole new way. I even imagine their appearance differently now.

Life in the ’Cosm is about Virj’s microcosm: his humdrum job and introverted bachelor life, his insatiable appetite for anything sweet; the constant coddling by a fretting hypochondriacal mum and his gay dads; and his obsession with the oh-so-unattainable Frayda, who sits beside him at work.

First book of three

After I came up with the ending for ‘Cosm, I realised I needed to write another book. Then three chapters into the second book, I decided how to end that story. Now I realise I’ll need a third book. And maybe a Xax and Viv prequel novella. I think I’ll be nice and busy well through my golden years.

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