Life in the ’Cosm

ID: Life in the ’Cosm as a paperback and an ebook that (shown on an e-reader and cellphone). Book cover: Purple, blue, and teal nebulae behind a ringed planet. Hurtling through space is Splot, an alien resembling a fried egg. Text reads: Life in the ’Cosm, by Cait Gordon

This space opera novel packs plenty of fun, adventure, romance, and cake! If you’ve laughed along with Hitchhiker’s Guide, you’ll probably gigglesnort over life in this snouty green man’s microcosm!

Available now from Presses Renaissance PressAmazon, and Barnes & Noble. It’s also in the Ottawa Public Library!

What happens when boy meets girl but girl doesn’t notice boy because she shares a body with another boy?

When he’s not gorging on desserts, calming his hypochondriacal mum, or getting bone-crunching hugs from his warrior dads, Virj Ofreesin spends his time writing a fantasy novel about Frayda, the elegant half of the two-headed Dwa. Life is adequately mediocre until he learns the Dwa are gravely ill, and a mystical cure grows on a planet between two infamously warring worlds. Ignoring all warnings of danger, Virj embarks on the journey to be Frayda’s real-life hero, armed only with his stylus, and a boingy-haired nuisance who decides to tag along.

“This book was a delight from start to finish, but it’s the last third that shines, keeping me glued to the page. Honestly, if you’re looking for a light, funny story with equal parts sass and romance, this is most definitely the book for you.”

S.M. Carrière, author of Skylark (and a host of awesome books)

“Such a hilarious book. Between the zany characters, the plot and just the way Cait turns a phrase, I found several laugh out loud moments in the book.”

John Haas, author of The Reluctant Barbarian

“Space is vast, dark, unforgiving, and cold. Some of the hardest science fiction explores those realities with a merciless precision of life-and-death scientific principles, and the realities of surviving the worst traits of humanity. Thank the ‘Cosm for Cait Gordon, then, who looked into the bleak infinities of space and thought, ‘But what about cake?’”

’Nathan Burgoine, Lambda Literary finalist and author of Light

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Some history of LITC

In the 90s, I created a comic strip about a broody character named Virj Ofreesin (yes, it is pronounced verge of reason), Splot—his gelatinous pet who resembles a fried egg, and sentient daisy homemaker, Sonny.  Around 1998, I also started writing a story about Virj trying to write a story. I got about a chapter and a half done and set it aside while I let my life get in the way.

'Cosm sketch
ID: A more recent drawing of Sonny the sentient daisy holding up a cartoon sign that makes Splot (the egg-like alien) look like he’s sticking out his tongue. (Splot doesn’t have a mouth.) Splot says, “Look, Virj, I’m emojis!” Virj, a pleasantly plump green alien with a large snout says to the reader, “Flatmates.”

In May 2014, I began again, but completely from scratch. The characters are much more than I originally scribbled in a simple comic strip, and they have come to life in a whole new way. I even imagine their appearance differently now.

Life in the ’Cosm is about Virj’s microcosm: his humdrum job and introverted bachelor life, his insatiable appetite for anything sweet; the constant coddling by a fretting hypochondriacal mum and his gay dads; and his obsession with the oh-so-unattainable Frayda, who sits beside him at work.

First book of three . . . or maybe four. Yeah, three and a prequel.

After I came up with the ending for ‘Cosm, I realized I needed to write another book. Then three chapters into the second book, I decided how to end that story. Now I accept that I’ll need a third book. And maybe a Xax and Viv prequel. I think I’ll be nice and busy well through my golden years.

Update: I did indeed write the prequel about the origin story of Xax and Viv! It’s called The Stealth Lovers, and will be published in the fall of 2019! Whee!