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Tearing through space with the cool kids!

It’s a really exciting time for me because my new Iris and the Crew #CripLit series has been acquired by Renaissance, so Season One: Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space is currently in sensitivity editing, and it will be published by in the fall of 2023!

This work is near and dear to my heart. It has an ensemble cast, body celebration, an accessible ship, and PEW-PEW-PEW! It’s a book, but I’ve written it as 13 episodes, so CALL ME, NETFLIX!

Oh yeah, and of course there are scenes with dessert. Have you met me?

Curating amazing stories!

Book cover: a watercolour of a brick wall in teal, brown, and beige bricks. Black graffiti says “Nothing without US.” And dark orange-red graffiti says “TOO.” Editors and author names are also on the cover.

The fall of 2022 brought the second of our disability fiction series, Nothing Without Us Too into the world. Kohenet Talia C. Johnson and I co-edited this work during the height of the pandemic, and the title seems even more significant to us than ever. The stories are so amazing—snarky, funny, moving—and we couldn’t be more proud of our contributing authors. It was sad for us to hear of Melissa Mead’s passing, but thanks to her family, we were able to include Melissa’s story in this collection. And how awesome was it for Amanda Leduc to agree to write the foreword! That was so exciting for us.

Now we’re promoting through launches and hoping for reviews because this is yet another collection that imo, everyone should read to understand how disabled creatives write protagonists that need to be in fiction.

New Spoonie Authors Network initiatives!

In 2023, we’re piloting the ReLaunchpad, where disabled indie and small-press authors can launch or relaunch their works in a virtual book launch. Our hopes are to also turn this into a readings and panel discussion. For January 15, there will be readings only, but there will also be giveaways! These events are free, and you can register your spot at Eventbrite !

Event advert: Spoonie Authors Network [Re]Launchpad logo is in the top left, consisting of three flying rocketships with open books on their hulls. Text within a dark rectangle indicates the time and the authors (Tangela Williams-Spann, Jamieson Wolf, Nicole Zelniker, Stephen Graham King, Dianna Gunn, and Diana L. Pomeroy.) Hosted by Cait Gordon. Along the bottom of the advert are all the book covers for Sad Black and Fat: Musings from the Intersection (Tangela Willams-Spann), Little Yellow Magnet (Jamieson Wolf), Letters I’ll Never Send (Nicole Zelniker), Ghost Light Burn (Stephen Graham King), Moonshadow’s Guardian (Dianna Gunn), and Iara’s Crossing (Dianna L. Pomeroy).

Being heckin’ crafty!

I discovered I love unwinding by playing with polymer clay and making jewellery! It began with repairing some earrings I had, then I got the bug!

Polymer clay creation of a pink rose lying on its side. It has one red 
petal, and blood droplets on one of the leaves.

I recently edited the first book in Christina Robin’s Angel series, called Angel of Death. Roses play a big part of the protagonist’s life. But, Sarah is also a serial killer, so hence the bloody petal and droplets. Christina had a rose with blood as a scene separator, so I made this pin for her for the book birthday!

And hearing and pendant set. The metal is silver. Each earring has a silver bead, a chip of white quartz, garnet, another chip of white quartz, and another silver bead. There is a twisted wire pendant in a pear shaped that has the same beds and stones.

I also am just learning how to twist wire for jewellery making! It’s so much fun! Bruce bought me a massive kit of stone chips, so I have crafted some pretty pieces. This garnet and silver set is for my ma!

A Black Barbie is dressed like Reva Sander from the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. She’s smiling and has braided hair pulled back. She’s wearing a black tunic with a brown leatherette sash criss-crossed over the black. She has black leggings, boots, and gloves. She’s wielding a purple lightsaber.

Cosplaying Barbies! Read about this Barbie’s transformation in my post, “How Cosplaying a Barbie as Reva Sevander is Helping Me Through Childhood Trauma.”