Steps (A Poem)

Steps One foot in front of the other hurts. My gait is off. The people on the street see me stagger. I know they think I’m drunk. My two legs have to become three. One is a stick. It propels me forward but there’s still pain. If I stand still, I fall. I’m now propped…


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New web-exclusive content!

This year as been a real page-turner in my wee life. Going from an invisible to a blatantly visible disability has forced me to wake up to even more realities of what it’s like to live as a spoonie. On my Books/Writing menu, you’ll find Tales from the Crip. That’s going to be the home…

tales from the crip

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Dedicated to my crappy husband

This year my long-suffering husband celebrated his 50th birthday. I decided to make it a Crappy Birthday, and put poop emojis on everything. He loved it. Yeah, we’re a weird couple but our quirks are the foundation of our marriage. Cait Gordon is the author of Life in the ’Cosm, a comedic space opera where boy meets…

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