Writing Is Never a Waste of Time

I could kick my behind for the self-pity I wallowed in about my writing last year. “All I can manage are short stories,” I lamented repeatedly. Well, in fairness to me, 2017 was about massive health scares and so much testing. The stress of everything prevented me from finishing the sequel to my first book.…


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I Won’t Fogget About You

Hey! It’s March and once again time for ’Nathan Burgoine’s super-fun 2018 Flash Fiction Challenge. This month we had to write a romance that takes place in a fire watch tower, and we had to include VHS tapes in the story. Here’s my entry: I Won’t Fogget About You — What’s that thing? The Buckle Test?…

Story cover

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Writing Goals: Yup, I got ’em!

It’s funny how you think you had an unproductive year until that year is over. I lamented over 2017 because I couldn’t finish a WIP I wanted to submit—Life in Another ’Cosm: Jinny from the Blog—and spent what little energy I had on crafting short stories. Then, I thought I’d kick my novel-writing butt back…


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