Terri Skuce, Canadian Poet, gives me feedback on ‘Cosm

You know how in films it seems the director makes a person pause for an eternity before answering a question, but in real life it might only take two seconds? I'm telling you after I burst out with, "The suspense is killing me. What do you think about the book?" it felt like 20 years went by before Terri replied. In that pause I told myself I totally sucked as a writer. Then I ran away from home, dug a hole, and buried myself in it.


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No, really, get an editor.

“Hi, I’m Cait, and I’m a writer.” “Hiiiiiiii, Cait!” “It’s been over 20 years since I started writing, and I acknowledge I need a higher power. I need an editor.” People clap. Someone hugs me. An enthusiastic word-smith gives me tips on how I could have improved my confession. I am among writers who cannot write…


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A Love Note to My Friends

Because June triggers off Pride month in many places, I’m feeling sentimental and huggy towards my friends today.  I even dedicated my spiritual blog entry, Love like Jesus in Got Grace, yet?, to my friends who identify as L, G, B, and/or T. My upcoming book, Life in the ‘Cosm, is a complete work of fantasy fiction, with…

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