Season One: Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space!

The Iris and the Crew series follows the adventures of a science vessel crew on a massively accessible ship, the S.S. SpoonZ. They are a part of a galactic network known as the Keangal (key’angle), where inclusivity and supports are the norm. But not everyone is living in harmony within the Keangal—most notoriously so are the dreaded Piranha Brigade pirates whose creed is to do away with anyone they consider “weak.” And they’ve discovered a new enemy in Iris and the Crew…

I gobble up so many streaming series, I decided to make one myself, in book form! I wanted to create a galaxy where accessibility and accommodation are an integral part of the world-building. The principles of Universal Design and the Social Model of Disability were my inspiration (a good inspiration). My hope is to have readers who are Blind or visually impaired, d/Deaf, neurodivergent, disabled, Spoonie, and/or who manage mental illness find themselves represented as major characters in this story! (I think there might be abled, NT members of that crew somewhere on the ship. I mean, it is inclusive after all.)

Season One: Iris and the Crew Tear Through Space!

The first season of this series is thirteen episodes of fun, adventure, cake, and pew-pew-pew! 

Available in the fall of 2023 from Renaissance!


In a galactic network known as the Keangal, where space is accessible…

Lieutenant Eileen Iris and the command crew of the S.S. SpoonZ haven’t a clue what it means to be disabled. No one they know has ever applied that term to living beings. So, when a startled intergalactic janitor calls them disabled but is ’ported away a bit too soon, they realize they might never get the answer to that particular question. Unphased, duties resume as Lieutenant Iris tries to appease her overprotective guidebot Clarence; Security Chief Lartha and her new sentient prostheses offer kick-ass protection; Mr. Herbert’s inventiveness is a treasured godsend (though he’s not quite grasped how to flirt); Commander Davan’s good humour comes through whether trumpeted, texted, or signed; and Captain Warq’s genteel but firm leadership keeps everyone at their best.

Until on one mission, where the crew tears through space. Just a little bit.

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