Space Opera Libretti

ID, book cover: A glorious purple alien diva wears a golden crown on her head and a gown made of gold and different shades of purple and blue. It looks like she’s about to deliver the closing note against a purple and blue nebulous yet glittery sky.

Edited by Jennifer Lee Rossman and Brian McNett

My story, The Silken Eclipse, is included in the non-dystopian and quite musical Space Opera Libretti. When Brian McNett and Jennifer Lee Rossman posted the call for submissions, I really felt I had to write for this. The Silken Eclipse is about a multi-tentacled and multi-talented diva who has to deal with a sub-par ingenue in a famous opera company. That’s right, it’s a space-opera space opera! I think I combined the atmosphere of the 17th century with the absurdity of Life in the ’Cosm. It was so much fun to write!

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With stories by:

K.G. Anderson, Tom Barlow, EDE Bell, Dean Brink, Minerva Cerridwen, Dave D’Alessio, Liz Donnelly, James Dorr, Ingrid Garcia, Jean Graham, me, Larry Hodges, Julia Huni, Alex Kropf, Brian McNett, Bruce Taylor, Harry Turtledove, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Dawn Vogel, Spruce Wells