Stargazers: Microtales from the Cosmos

ID: Cover of Stargazers (micro) Tales from the Cosmos. A woman in a space suit, holding a scanning device, enters a hatch and it looks like electric activity is all around her.

This speculative fiction anthology is a collection of microfiction, that is, stories with a 200-word maximum cap. It’s produced by this team from AE Science Fiction (information taken from their Kickstarter page):

  • Paul Jarvey – Editor in Chief, Unknown Dissident
  •  Erin MacNab – Editor, The Smart One 
  •  Dylan Freeman-Grist – Promo and Comms Wizard 
  •  Tiana Simovic – Kickstarter and Cats 
  •  Bree Main – Illustrator 
  •  Nick Kopachkov – Layout & cOloRs 

And it features works by:

Kristina Ten, Jude Reid, Rich Larson, Tiffany Morris, ToJo, M. L. Clark, Pearl Lorentzen, Priya Chand, David M. Hoenig, Cait Gordon (That’s me!), Kim Harbridge, Vikram, Ramakrishnan, Diane Dubas, Laura Theis, David Whitaker, Liam Hogan, B. Morris Allen,
Konstantine Paradias,
DJ Tyrer, and
Ken Gerber and Brian Hirt.

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Please note that at this time, there is a typo in my story in the print version that makes the first paragraph confusing, so the link in my catalogue is for the ebook version.

My contribution is With My Kind, starring a disabled protagonist who has been rounded up with other disabled beings under an ableist regime… and has other ideas about their destiny.

This was my first-ever attempt at writing microfiction. It thrills me to no end that my story was accepted. Always cool to find publishers who will accept disabled characters written by disabled authors!