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Flash Fiction Challenge: May Results

It warms my heart that my trusty band of author humans continue to write their super-creative stories. Thanks, author humans! Last week, I drew these cards: 9 of spades, 2 of hearts, and the 9 of diamonds. That meant the genre was action-adventure, the setting was a fandom gathering, and the object that must appear …

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White brick wall. Text reads: It's time for May's Flash Fiction Draw

Flash Fiction Challenge 2020: May

It might seem odd that I am continuing this fun and non-competitive flash fiction game during a global pandemic, but I strongly feel that taking time out to be creative is really good for my mental health. But if you're not up to it this month, that's absolutely okay, too. I just wanted to do …

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Space ship and vapour trail

Cover design for The Stealth Lovers is happening!

And here's a snippet! ID: Fighter ship flying away into space. Once again, I'm working with the super-talented Nathan Fréchette from Renaissance for this cover. I wanted something that was a little different from the ’Cosm series but would still look like it belonged as its prequel. (For the two sequels following Life in the …

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Tremontaine: binge-worthy and full of chocolate!

Truth be told, I thought perhaps there was something wrong with author Caroline Fréchette. They kept enthusiastically going on and on and on about some book called Tremontaine, insisting that we all read it. Finally, not wanted to incur Caro's eyebrows of wrath, I bought the eBook version. And now, after reading it, I can say …

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'Cosm sketch

The ‘everyman’ who’s Virj Ofreesin.

He's short, pudgy, and has a snout like a green megaphone, or so his cousin Trance says. Virj Ofreesin (yes, it is pronounced like verge of reason) is the protagonist of my first book of the Life in the 'Cosm series. Virj and I have known each other since he started out as a doodle for me …

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