Cover design for The Stealth Lovers is happening!

And here’s a snippet! Once again, I’m working with the super-talented Nathan Fréchette from Renaissance for this cover. I wanted something that was a little different from the ’Cosm series but would still look like it belonged as its prequel. (For the two sequels following Life in the ’Cosm, the title fonts will be the … More Cover design for The Stealth Lovers is happening!

The Ale-ing Brothers

Yay, it’s flash fiction time, as hosted by the fantabulous author, ’Nathan Burgoine. This month in the year-long challenge we had to write in the genre of sci-fi, in the clouds, and with a dog collar as our object. I thought a bit outside the box here, and the timing of the writing prompt coincided with … More The Ale-ing Brothers

Campy ’Cosm Book Trailer!

Because it’s fun to get campy! 😀   (Btw, I’m going to see about adding a voice-over to my trailers in future. Stay tooned!) You can purchase Life in the ’Cosm on Amazon and through! Please consider supporting this author in giving a voice to aliens who love cake.