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Sometimes Humour is Serious

Before the pandemic started (and my brain could words), I really enjoyed participating in Twitter writers chats. They’re pretty fun. Often, the first question asked is our name and the genre we write in. I almost always write something like this: Hi, I’m Cait (like cat). I’m a humorist who writes space opera with aliens …

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Space background with ringed planet. In white text: Life in Cait's 'Cosm

Noola schooled me in ’Cosm. Xax did in The Stealth Lovers!

I feel my characters in these microcosms are always trying to tell me something about myself. When I was drafting Life in the ’Cosm, I was #DisabledAndAlone, so not in community with other Disabled folks. I was frightened, completely unsure about my future. I had been a runner and worked out regularly. Then fibromyalgia pummeled …

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Cait Gordon

Masking: The Fine Art of Faking Being Neurotypical

I’m autistic. You don’t know how freeing it is to write that. Every single time I do, I feel like a little more of that burden I’ve been carrying for decades is being lifted off my shoulders. I’m one of those cases (as happens to many autistic cisgender women) where I only discovered this last …

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Holy stars, I did a thing!

As co-editor of the Nothing Without Us anthology, this last few weeks felt as if I were handed the baton in the second-to-final lap of a relay race while I cried, "Oh crap, I need to deliver this to the last runner!" The "last runner" being the final production team at Presses Renaissance Press. However, …

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