Paperback of the book lying on a pillow. The cover is black with an illustration of a woman sketched in black with hues of yellows and oranges on her skin and in the background

#CaitTacklesTBRPile: Segovia Stories, by Bernadette Gabay Dyer

Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, but I had already told the author that I really wanted to review it! Segovia Stories is a collection of short fiction whose style spans from slice-of-life tellings to speculative fiction. These tales are also woven with many cultural nuances and characters …

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For All Time book cover: A background that is night sky on the left and daylight on the right. Two Black teenagers, a tall boy with short hair wearing dark blue clothes and a shorter girl with curly black hair wearing aqua clothes, embrace and look into each other’s eyes. There are pink flowers all along the bottom of the image.

#CaitTacklesTBRPile—For All Time, by Shanna Miles

Sometimes Twitter can be wonderful. (How many times do we say that, eh?) However, it is possible to come across really awesome people. This happened to me when I saw a tweet from author Shanna Miles about her debut novel that was so witty and confident, I had to reply with, “That does it. I’m …

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ID: Pale purple background, purple script font that says #CaitTacklesTBRPile, and a copy of Entanglements by Christina Robins

#CaitTacklesTBRPile: Entanglements, by Christina Robins

Earlier this year (because I'm on Jeremy Bearimy time and can't tell two weeks from two months these days), I read an eARC of Entanglements by Canadian romance author Christina Robins. This is her first published work. Entanglements is a novella that pays tribute to the style of Jackie Collins but with a distinctly Canadian …

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My review: Run J Run is a “Read Now!” Read

After I finished this book, I just sat still, gobsmacked. It was incredible. And though I absolutely loved Su Sokol’s, Cycling to Asylum, Run J Run will stay with me a very long time. What I find extremely important about this work is that it starts with a content warning: The following material contains discussions …

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Tremontaine: binge-worthy and full of chocolate!

Truth be told, I thought perhaps there was something wrong with author Caroline Fréchette. They kept enthusiastically going on and on and on about some book called Tremontaine, insisting that we all read it. Finally, not wanted to incur Caro's eyebrows of wrath, I bought the eBook version. And now, after reading it, I can say …

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Losing Faith and Loving Emma: sharing in two siblings’ grief

I met Alexis James on Twitter and when I discovered she was such a  lovely person, I wanted to support her by purchasing her books. Well, I started backward and bought Loving Emma before Losing Faith, but she said it was okay, because each book stands on its own. (Each one really does, too!) Both of these stories …

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