ID: A salmon pink background with gold glitter and gold unlit candles in the shape of 2020

2020, A Year I Examine With Hindsight

There is an expression I often use in therapy: “My life is equal parts awful and awesome. As long as the awesome is really awesome, it wins.” To be completely honest, though, it’s difficult for me to write this post because I'm currently managing a depression. Still, sometimes it’s good to examine one’s life, even …

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Cryptosexual Pride Flag, colours from top to bottom are: yellow, salmon/coral, mauve/lilac, and brown

Tale of a Swirly Girly

Update: I am still Swirly but now identify as abrosexual! Heya! I'm freshly 51 years old, and I announced a thing on social media this week: My way of announcing that I'm cryptosexual, by saying "It me" and adding a heart with the flag colours of yellow, salmon/coral, mauve/lilac, and greyish-brown. Cue the crickets... …

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