ID: Three cards. Ace of spades (mystery), 5 of hearts (open field), and 4 fo diamonds (beard trimmer).

Flash Fiction Challenge: March Results

And the results are in! Honestly, I'm impressed that anyone wrote anything for March. Hooboy, my selections were a doozy. And this is why I cannot play cards for money—if I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all! Last week, I drew these winners: ace of spades, 5 of hearts, and the …

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A sunset on an open field, all dark browns, ambers, and ochres. Text reads: The Trim Reaper, A Mystery Flash Fiction, Cait Gordon

The Trim Reaper

Author’s note: This is my flash fiction for March's entry of the 2020 Flash Fiction Challenge. Each month of 2020, on the first Monday, I’ll draw cards to determine the genre, setting, and an object that has to appear in the short story. Participants will have until the following Monday to link their stories to the blog …

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