Beyond the cupcake.

Because I hadn’t planned to get published originally, I wrote without limits or expecting anyone to read it. So, I went down a few roads that I wanted to explore: Discrimination against LGBTQIA people by para-religious organisations. Truly gracious spirituality versus religiosity. Gender fluidity and changing preconceived gender roles. Diversity in sexuality. Dealing with disability. Cyber affairs. Chasing fantasy to the exclusion of those who truly love you.

'Cosm sketch

The ‘everyman’ who’s Virj Ofreesin.

He's short, pudgy, and has a snout like a green megaphone, or so his cousin Trance says. Virj Ofreesin (yes, it is pronounced like verge of reason) is the protagonist of my first book of the Life in the 'Cosm series. Virj and I have known each other since he started out as a doodle for me …

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Fun ‘Cosm Fact: Um, why all the dessert?

So, when I was drafting Life in the 'Cosm, I was about six chapters in and realised I'd mentioned dessert way too often. Then I paused and thought, Hm, I wonder if I can mention dessert, even in passing, in every chapter? I haven't double checked, but I think it's darned close. Anyone who knows me equates me …

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