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Holy stars, I did a thing!

As co-editor of the Nothing Without Us anthology, this last few weeks felt as if I were handed the baton in the second-to-final lap of a relay race while I cried, "Oh crap, I need to deliver this to the last runner!" The "last runner" being the final production team at Presses Renaissance Press. However, …

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Cover photo of Journey of a Thousand Steps, by Madona Skaff-Koren.

Why I Should Listen to Madona More Often

No, that's not a typo. I'm speaking about Canadian author Madona Skaff, not the recording artist. This post is way overdue, too. I just have to tell the world how this amazing human has impacted my life since late 2015. She told me to enjoy the journey. When I met Madona, it was at the …

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ID: A stitched heart against a black stitched background. Title: We Shall Be Monsters, Edited By Derek Newman-Stille. (With stories by Day Al-Mohomed, Lena NG, Ashley Caranto Morford, Cait Gordon, JF Gerrard, Andrew Wilmot, Evelyn Deshane, Simon Turner, Kaitlin Tremblay, Lisa Carreiro, Eric Choi & Joseph McGuinty, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Randall Arnold, Alex Acks, K.C. Griffant, Halli Lilburn, Kev Harrison, Corey Redekop, Ariana Verbree, Max D. Staton, Victoria Martin, Priya Sridhar, Liam Hogan, Joshua Bartolome

We Shall Be Monsters is now available!

Squee! I've been waiting for this Frankenthology all year and it's aliiiiive! We Shall Be Monsters, edited by Derek Newman-Stille and published by Renaissance, is a collection of short fiction inspired by Mary Shelley's 1818 version of Frankenstein. My short story, The Hilltop Gathering, appears in this anthology. I'm so thrilled it got accepted because it's my first published …

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Anthology Kickstarter: We Shall Be Monsters (Or, as I call it: The Frankenthology)

So I'm pretty stoked. Last December I submitted a short story called The Hilltop Gathering to the We Shall Be Monsters anthology call-for-submissions. What really appealed to me about this project was how authors were invited to write stories that explored disability. As a disabled person, this simply delighted me. For the first time since I …

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Sensitivity editing is not censorship—it’s about respect.

This morning my friend tagged me on a post featuring an article about sensitivity readers. Without reading the article, I replied, "Yes! I use sensitivity readers and editors all the time!" Then, I did a bad thing—I read the comments. Ugh. A few people equated this type of editing to censorship and others made some really insulting …

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My New Wheels!

Because I am a published author, there are conferences I must attend for learning and for self-promotion. I want to go to these things. And with this rollator, I can! Always having a seat with me is an enormous thing. Last year at Can*Con 2016, people suggested I sit on a window sill while waiting in line for a panel. That was a solution, I guess, but not a very good one. Also, I kinda hate asking people for chairs all the time. It's going to be nice to just chill and be independent.