Life in the ’Cosm and the Aurora Awards

"It's a pleasure to be nominated." That's supposed to be the go-to line for awards nights, when people don't win. But you know what? It is super cool to be possibly eligible for a 2017 Prix Aurora Award in the Novel Category. Because I wrote a book! With words in it and everything! There are a lot …

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Some writers are able-bodied. Some have disabilities that impair cognitive function. Some can blaze on the keyboard with ease. Others have too much pain to type or even sit up to use their dictation software. If you command that all writers must write every single day, can you see how this might be an ableist thing? Maybe let’s not assume everyone’s life is exactly the same.

The boingy-haired nuisance who’s Noola Quirk.

She likes thrift stores, glitter, bold colours (mostly pink), and her hair looks like a giant follicular umbrella. She's annoyingly cheerful, probably the worst roller blader in galactic history, but her tenacity is unbreakable. She's an expressive extrovert. She's fighting a mobility disability. She's Virj's sidekick. She's Noola Quirk. I had no idea I'd invent …

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Sexy and disabled. Yes, you can be both.

I had the pleasure of being invited to guest-blog on Blush game creator Jen Desmarais' website. She asked me to describe what's it's like to have sex while managing a disability. This is my personal story. I have a disability that causes widespread nerve pain, chronic fatigue, and mobility impairment. My turn-ons include fresh sheets, kisses …

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Writing with a chronic illness.

In 2014, things were so bad for me, I was sure we needed to move. I couldn't get up and down the stairs without wanting to cry. The thought of me once run-walking five days a week to now barely being able to take steps without a cane freaked me out. I felt panic-stricken. My sleep was atrocious because of experiencing pain levels 8 and 9 on a frequent basis. All my activities had come to a halt. I was practically house-bound. And since I am an extrovert, the loneliness was unbearable.

Journey of a Thousand Steps: high-tech, intrigue, Ottawa

I wrote about meeting two authors from Renaissance Press when I lost my virginity at Ottawa PopExpo in November 2015. One of the authors I talked to was Madona Skaff-Koren, who wrote Journey of a Thousand Steps. She was absolutely lovely to speak with, and so was Caroline Frechette, who was also at the booth. After a delightful chat with …

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