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Never Mind the Nasties, Stay Awesome

On this my birthday, I feel I should impart some crone-like wisdom. Well, I'm still learning to navigate life myself, but one thing struck me yesterday. You see, I had become all worked up over folks who seem to get ahead while acting like victims, when in reality they are full of straight white privilege—and …

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Insecurity, Thy Name is Writer

Boing, boing, boing! There goes my confidence as it bounces out the door. I assumed colossal bouts of insecurity would only happen during the writing of my first book and there was no need for me to repeat those feelings the second time round. Surely, I've learned so much from the previous experience, right? Wrong. And don't call me …

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Journey of a Thousand Steps: high-tech, intrigue, Ottawa

I wrote about meeting two authors from Renaissance Press when I lost my virginity at Ottawa PopExpo in November 2015. One of the authors I talked to was Madona Skaff-Koren, who wrote Journey of a Thousand Steps. She was absolutely lovely to speak with, and so was Caroline Frechette, who was also at the booth. After a delightful chat with …

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